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The Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol-

 A uniquely effective breakthrough treatment for PTSD


Thank you for your interest in the RTM Protocol! I am so excited to be able to bring the RTM Protocol to those suffering from PTSD. I realized how effective this protocol was after 9/11 when I worked w employee’s who’s offices where above the 100th floor of Tower Two. I made it my life’s mission to scientifically prove its’ clinical effectiveness and bring it to the millions in need of its’ life saving help. The RandR project is a 501©3non profit dedicated to providing the nationally needed breakthrough treatment for Post Traumatic Stress. The RTM Protocol is a non-drug, reimaging Protocol that takes 5 hours to administer and, under strict scientific scrutiny, is eliminating PTS symptoms over 90% for those treated. Funding is needed to continue research, continue training new counselors and for direct treatment of those suffering.


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I had my reservations, having gone through several different methods of treating PTSD to no avail. Actually, those experiences made my symptoms worse because I thought I was too broken to be “fixed”…..After my first session, I immediately noticed a difference. After my second session, I was sold! The following three sessions solidified my new beginning and literally saved my life! Who knew that you can retrain your brain in a few hours, without medication, to remove yourself from the traumatic events that have been crushing you and making you wish you would just die? It’s nothing short of a miracle! This protocol completely removed any and all suicidal thoughts and depression! …

Thank you!

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