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The Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories Protocol

An innovative treatment for PTSD



Here’s what RTM Certified Therapists are saying about using the RTM protocol:

What people who have been treated with the RTM Protocol are saying:

“…For our community, RTM has the potential to change the game. It is now only cost effective but clinically effective, countering the high cost of PTSD and its impact. For example, the Congressional Budget Office estimated (based on VA data) that” PTSD could cost up to $7,000 per year per person” … for the gentleman, the 10 years he suffered through PTSD cost approximately $70,000 just in treatment costs. This study does not account for the cost to families or generational changes.

In my estimation, it is the closest thing we have come in mental healthcare system to creating systemic change, the way antibiotic did for medicine.”

Amanda S. Davison

CEO, The Family Connection LLC

I had my reservations, having gone through several different methods of treating PTSD to no avail. Actually, those experiences made my symptoms worse because I thought I was too broken to be “fixed”…..After my first session, I immediately noticed a difference. After my second session, I was sold! The following three sessions solidified my new beginning and literally saved my life! Who knew that you can retrain your brain in a few hours, without medication, to remove yourself from the traumatic events that have been crushing you and making you wish you would just die? It’s nothing short of a miracle! This protocol completely removed any and all suicidal thoughts and depression! …

Thank you!

Client #3247

I watched your June 16 2019 segment with great interest. I too suffered horrifically from PTSD after with violent dreams, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts to include contemplating suicide. 

There is a recently released breakthrough cure for PTS. Please note I used the word “cure” not “treatment.” Every other Trauma therapy currently in use requires the client to re-live the trauma over and over again RTM is a revolutionary technique that, not only allows, but requires the client to remain in a calm and relaxed state during the process.  

RTM is 92% effective in 3-5 sessions of 90 minutes or less. Our country needs at least 20,000 trained LMHCs- RTM certified to adequately lend the assistance needed to stop the 22 suicides per day down to near zero and to keep families together by helping our broken warriors. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. 

Respectfully, Craig Hardcastle, Major USMC (ret) 

After only 4 sessions with RTM Protocol, I now sleep much more restful and wake up feeling more optimistic about life in general. I’ve dealt with anger, guilt and shame and I have a much more positive outlook with these specific events that I used to get upset about. Again thank you for the sessions. I have encouraged other Vets to try it and they also liked it. Regards,

Client 3243

I wanted to introduce myself and say how impressed I am by your research and work! I was a therapist trained at Parkland and everywhere I go I try and spread the word about RTM.I have had a lot of success in my practice… My practice today consists largely of first responders or medical professionals who come to me deeply conflicted about seeking help….Your work changes people .I see it. I wanted you to know I see results in Boca Raton, Florida. I know first responders benefit but I see this protocol extended to trauma from drug epidemic and all kinds of trauma. I see lives restored and dignity given back.

Blessings, Lynne Healey, LMHC, QS, CAP, MPS

The challenges I’ve experienced with my emotional wellness and physical wellbeing have spanned over an almost 30 year military and fire service career. PTSD, Alcoholism, night terrors, survivor guilt, and at times, my loss of faith in humanity, are all scars I’ve bared over my career of military and public service. Your generous donation and commitment to helping veterans like myself is a debt I can never repay. The voluntary treatment of Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) has allowed me to look at the past events in my life with a sense of pride, rather than guilt and shame. My relationships with family and friends are recharged, my energy level is up, I no longer fear sleep, and the angry bear in me is at rest. I feel as if the years of heartache, what if’s, and ‘why did I make it?’ are past me. This wonderful treatment program blessed me with the ability to finally speak with the spouse and children of a fallen brother I lost on Fathers day, fifteen years ago. We spoke of the event, laughed together, and relished in his memory. Thank you will never be enough.

Client# 3248

I’ve been working with 1st responders for almost 30 years and I’m angry that I didn’t have this sooner.  Every Clinician must be trained in RTM so together we can wipe out PTSD.

Parkland Psychologist

I can’t tell you how much RTM has changed my life. I’m still baffled but it’s awesome and also works for my clients. Thank you for introducing me to it!

I must admit that I was skeptical the RTM protocol at first, but when I began to experience relief from the nightmares, poor sleep quality, and hyper-awareness, I was both truly surprised and grateful. Over the course of multiple tours to Iraq, Africa, and Afghanistan, I had accumulated stress and trauma from situations that I would attempt to repress or try to ignore, but the stress and perceived sense of danger that I felt was always lurking beneath the surface. Though I had tried prolonged exposure treatment in the past, it only dulled the fear, pain, and sadness that I felt; however, thanks to the RTM protocol, I have not experienced nightmares or pervasive disturbing thoughts, regarding my military service, in the weeks since my treatment. I feel like I have a piece of myself back, a piece I use to tell people “I must have left overseas”

Sincerely Client #3237

Since attending this training I continue to be amazed at the results I get with clients using the protocol. Wiping away their trauma symptoms and as a result reducing/eliminating limiting the destructive patterns of behaviour that they have developed to manage the anxiety and trauma.

So allowing clients to move forward and deal with their issues, some continued to need therapy but to deal with issues like sadness, loss which they felt more able to work on once the trauma response wasn’t stopping them facing what they need to face.

Comments like:

“This has changed my life completely - I feel free”
“Thanks for giving me my daughter back - she’s able to live again”
“I have slept properly for the first time in years... no nightmares. My family say I’m not stressful to live with anymore”
“I actually enjoyed the sessions - even though the stuff I was working on was normally impossible to talk about!”
“I have no idea how something so easy has got rid of feelings that have been ruining my life for so long, it’s unbelievable”

This is a quick, pain free and cost effective and lasting method to help clients with trauma.

Rhian Price - MBCAP Counsellor/Psychotherapist
(Wales, UK)

Since my traumatic experience, I have been waking up every morning having flashback from the painful incident, triggering very uncomfortable stress and anxiety.

I went from loving mornings to fearing mornings as the first thoughts crossing my mind when waking up were dominated by fears created by the incident. I was fortunate enough to come across Elizabeth who took such great care in helping me understand my situation and introduced me to the RTM protocol. I am so grateful and will forever be - following the 3 very easy and non painful RTM sessions, I started experiencing immediate improvements.

Regained control of my emotional stability and happy mornings, no more flashback and fears -  most importantly thinking about the event is now just like "thinking about going for a nice walk in a beautiful park.