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          Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories-

                       The Breakthrough Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress

“…For our community, RTM has the potential to change the game. It is not only cost effective but clinically effective, countering the high cost of PTSD and its impact.  

Amanda S. Davison

CEO, The Family Connection LLC

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I had my reservations, having gone through several different methods of treating PTSD to no avail. Actually, those experiences made my symptoms worse because I thought I was too broken to be “fixed”…..After my first session, I immediately noticed a difference. After my second session, I was sold! The following three sessions solidified my new beginning and literally saved my life! Who knew that you can retrain your brain in a few hours, without medication, to remove yourself from the traumatic events that have been crushing you and making you wish you would just die? It’s nothing short of a miracle! This protocol completely removed any and all suicidal thoughts and depression! …

Thank you!

Client #3247